Welcome! This is the website for the DREAM pilot program for grades K-3.

Drug Resilience Education
Awareness Mentorship


Drug Resilience Education Awareness Mentorship (DREAM) is a kindergarten through twelfth grade video series that focuses on the National Health Education Standards, the Ohio Department of Education’s Health (ORC 33.1360) and Social and Emotional Learning requirements, developing resiliency skills, decision making skills and role-playing opportunities. The DREAM program is aligned with Ohio’s Whole Child Framework, which is an approach that broadens district and school focus beyond academics to include meeting students’ social-emotional, physical and safety needs.

This program is intended to be an enhancement, or supplement, to curriculums that are already in use by allowing educators to pick and choose the different videos, and even parts of videos, in the series that they want to implement with their students. DREAM is available to anyone who would like to access the video series, whether it is an educator in schools, leaders of civic groups, or parents who are homeschooling.

The DREAM Program was created by the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS) and the Ohio Task Force Commanders Association (OTFCA) and supported by RecoveryOhio in the effort for law enforcement to have a presence within the drug and alcohol education being taught in schools, without physically being needed. This program is a two-fold solution for the need to maintain the safety of undercover officers as well as providing an educator-friendly and easily-implemented series of lessons on drugs and alcohol prevention and education.

Each age group will consist of educational videos discussing Ohio Department of Education Health and Social and Emotional Learning Requirements, as well as an educational video on stress management and healthy coping skills. In addition to the student videos, there are instructional videos for facilitators to learn how best to implement this program, and guardian informational videos to assist on what is appropriate to discuss with your child. You can also find a role model series where different mentors across Ohio were interviewed to deliver a positive message on the importance of hard work, resiliency, not using or abusing substances, and never giving up on your DREAM.

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